So you’re ready to end a relationship and move on with your lives.

Here are a couple of points you need to consider now, before proceeding. An uncontested divorce or annulment is the easiest, most cost effective way to end your relationship. By avoiding disagreements over property division, custody and support you lay the ground work for an untroubled future. So be honest with each other and have any differences worked out first.

Things to know!

You’ve probably heard that you can file for your divorce without an attorney (Pro Se). This is true, but you have to consider these facts as well:

  • What is your time worth? This process usually takes several visits to the Clerk of the Court’s office, to file your application, provide information you may have forgotten to include. Then there are the Court appearances, waiting for your case to be called.
  • Because the Judges and the Court have their own schedules, your appearances may not be at a time that’s convenient or even possible for you to keep. You can reschedule, but why drag this out any longer than necessary.
    • What happens when either party forgets to return paperwork to the court on time? Or if one of you can’t make an appearance? Another rescheduling and delay.

    But you do have the choice to pick an experienced attorney, never be required to appear in court and have every communication with the Clerk of the Court handled for you. Not only can this office handle all the wrinkles that may arise, but we can do the entire matter with you on-line. Just go to our Client Information Form and start today. You can even choose to make your payments online using a credit card or your PayPal account. If you’d like, even take advantage of PayPal’s six month financing program, PayPal Credit.

    Where to start?

    The important thing is to begin now, using the most experienced attorney in uncontested divorce. You can begin to leave the past, in your past, start your life anew and move on. On line filing, no court appearances, no missed days from work and no time spent standing in line, this is the most economical and easiest way to get your uncontested divorce.

    Express Start for Uncontested Divorce or Annulment